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Tracking down your perfect market fit is hard, but knowing who enjoys using your app is helpful & gives you insight into what works and what does not work for you and your business.

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Track your competitors

See what your competitors are doing on social media and get the opportunity to learn more about them. We offer tracking services to enhance your learning curve about your competitors and keep you a few steps in front of the competition.

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Sign-up for a free account and in a couple of minutes you can be ready to start using it and monitor.

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Set special parameters and customize your dashboard, so you'll get only the most relevant information.

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You'll get 50,000 free mentions per month, so you won't have to pay anything if you don't want it.

“We were looking for a tool that can help us identify our digital media foot print. Notifer was the perfect tool for that."

Andrew Sun, CEO at Tabletz Inc.

People are talking about your company.

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Get notified on a global scale.